Braken Wear Hitch Belt

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The Braken Wear, ultra light weight Hitch Belt is the perfect bit of kit to compliment to your Mountain Rea or Peak Season Pants.

Constructed from high strength, light weight, ultra durable materials this belt is not only comfortable to wear, but simple to use, blending in perfectly with Braken Wear custom camouflage. 

With no holes or notches you can set it to the exact size and fit you want to ensure maximum comfort every time.

The brushed aluminium hitch buckle incorporates a rock solid locking system that self closes and wont budge unless you want it to; with an embossed Braken Wear logo that looks great!!

The high strength webbing belt material is both long wearing, durable and deadly quiet when it counts most.

The Braken Wear Hitch Belth is washable, meaning you can throw it in a wash bag and into the washing machine along with your other Braken Wear gear when you get back from any hunt and have a fresh clean belt ready to go when you next need it. 

You now have the perfect excuse to do away with your old, stained, stretched, sweaty, stinky leather hunting belt!


  • self locking buckle prevents slippage or movement
  • high strength brushed aluminium buckle
  • soft, comfortable, silent nylon webbing strap
  • simple to operate giving the perfect fit every time
  • light weight materials limit bulkiness and maintains comfort and coolness

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