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What to Know About Camo Hunting Jackets

Get the most value out of a camo hunting jacket with our extensively researched product. At Braken Wear, we provide warm, durable and quality lightweight gear that allows you to move freely and quietly while out stalking in the elements. We rigorously test our apparel to ensure it performs to a high standard and will benefit any hunter.

When Buying Camouflage Jackets Consider This

A quality camouflage jacket is more than several pieces of fabric stitched together. It should help you to:

  • Blend in: The point of the camouflage pattern is to help you blend into your surroundings and give you a tactical edge over your target. Therefore, you should look for a pattern that best matches your terrain. Our unique camo design is inspired by nature experts and is a versatile pattern that can work for many different outdoor locations.
  • Move easily: Big and bulky jackets will only slow you down and restrict your movements meaning you must put more effort into covering ground. When it comes to design, our Peak Season Jacket takes an athletic approach with lightweight fabric that is breathable and has a four-way stretch for easy mobility.
  • Stay warm: The last thing you want is your body temperature to decrease when out in the bush. Your hunting jacket should have quality internal insulation such as our Ultimate Downouter layer. This jacket will keep you warm and dry in wet conditions due to the Hyperdry water-resistant treated goose down. The adjustable cuffs and waist can also help to keep the cold wind off your skin, even in the harshest environments.

What You Can Expect From Braken Wear Regarding Camouflage Jackets

We provide quality high-performing products that feature the following benefits:

  • Minimal Noise: Our jackets are made from fabric that provides minimal noise. This quiet feature ensures that you can lift and draw your rifle or bow and change positions without alerting your prey. Our jackets also boast SilentSlide zippers for added quietness when you need to get something from your pockets quickly, or you want to remove your outer layer.
  • Versatility: You can wear our Peak Season jacket as a light outer layer during the early hunting season or use it as a mid-layer for extra warmth. The versatility of this jacket means you get a quality piece of hunting apparel that you can wear on various occasions.
  • Excellent warranty: We provide an excellent two-year warranty on our jackets. If you do find any faults, we will repair or replace your garment so you can get back to doing what you love in comfort.

About Braken Wear

We supply quality hunting apparel designed to optimise your performance. Our gear is the result of careful research, design and development to ensure that every product meets our high standard. We select the fabric based on durability, weight and sound and use a custom pattern that is inspired by nature camouflage specialists. Contact us today for quality hunting jackets.