Pants & Bottoms

Conceal Yourself with Braken Wear’s Quality Hunting Pants in Australia

Whether you are a veteran or a first-time hunter, you need hunting pants in Australia to keep you invisible and quiet. When your camouflage does not work, it can easily ruin your hunt. Ensure your next hunt goes without problems by choosing Braken Wear to conceal you from your targets.

Additional Products We Sell When You Need to Buy Hunting Pants

No camouflage is complete without a head-to-toe setup. When you go hunting, you want to be sure that clothing does not get in the way of your trophy. Ensure your camouflage is perfectly rounded out with these additional products:

  • We sell a range of shirts to ensure your hunt goes smoothly. Our Ultimate Hooded Down Jackets provide excellent comfort and warmth when you are hunting in the wind, rain, or colder climates. It comes with high-quality insulation to ensure you do not lose any heat. With included Hyper Dry™ water-resistant goose down, you will remain dry and ready for the hunt. We also sell a Peak Season Jacket made for those who tend to be hard on their gear. With a good combination of insulation and breathability, the peak season jacket is ideal for balanced temperatures. Our scorcher top provides everything you need in warmer conditions with its air flux technology made for maximum breathability. We cover everything you need when you buy hunting shirts.
  • We have beanies that deliver comfortable warmth for those cold mornings and moulds perfectly to your head with its four-way stretch polyester knit. We can provide you with face veils made with air flux fabric technology to ensure maximum breathability. This helps you keep concealed without having to remove the veil once the weather starts getting hot. For those interested, we also sell Braken Wear caps so you can boast your favourite hunting clothing brand proudly.
  • Our camouflage hunting pants selection includes the Mountain REA Pant, designed as all-season rugged pants to ensure it lasts. It is lightweight pants designed to keep you comfortable in a range of warmer and colder climates. We also offer our Peak Season Pant, which provides a balance of cold-protection and breathability. You will have the warmth you need for an early start or a late night with our waterproof hunting pants.

Do you seel products from other brands?

We only sell Braken Wear products. Since we developed our unique patterns in-house and with years of research, we believe this is all you will need. Our gear is of exceptional, lasting quality and based on three key factors, namely durability, weight, and sound. We realised during our research process that many hunting apparel caters to camouflage, but not the audibility of the clothing. We ensured that our clothing is as quiet as possible when you hunt.

    About Us and Our Hunting Gear Such As Men’s Camo Hunting Pants

    We have worked hard since 2012 to develop products that are more than just another option. We spent years doing research, designing and producing our gear. In 2016 we opened our doors and introduced the world to Braken Wear. Based on nature’s apex hunters, our camouflage provides you with everything you need to ensure your next hunt goes perfectly. Whether you need it for colder or warmer weather, we ensure the men’s hunting pants and other hunting items you buy from us are perfect for your requirements.

    Since we saw the gap in the market for excellent, new camo patterns, we created a line of hunting apparel that truly keeps you out of sight and out of mind. Whether you want clothing that can withstand warmer or colder climates or clothing that will last when you get rough with it, we are the obvious choice. Call us today and order your new hunting clothes. Your next target will never see you coming.