Brakenwear Hunting Shirts - Scorcher Top

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The ultimate warm / hot climate top. The Scorcher top is constructed from fabrics with air flux technology, manufactured to maximise breathability. 

    1. Flat lock stitching content
    2. 1/2 front zip
    3. SILENTSLIDE YKK zippers
    4. 4 way stretch
    5. Air flux fabric
    6. Anatomically fit shape
    7. Thumb Loops
    1. AIRFLUX fabric technology with microscopic pin-holes to allow unrestricted air flow, keeping your skin cool in the hottest conditions.
    2. Lightweight and ultra-quiet fabric by Toray. Microscopic holes throughout maximise air-flow and evaporation.
    3. Perfect for the active hunter - keeping you cool, dry and comfortable in the hottest conditions.
    4. 100% polyester composition for super fast drying time, keeping you light and dry.

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