Bow Hunting Clothing

Choose Braken Wear for All Your Bowhunting Clothing Needs

Whether you are part of a hunting club or a solo hobbyist hunter, we provide you with all the bowhunting clothing you need. Whether you need an ultimate down jacket, a scorcher top, hunting pants, or headwear, we can help. Choose Braken Wear for quality hunting clothing that keeps you hidden when you’re on the prowl.

Benefits of Using Our Services When You Need Bow Hunting Apparel

Whether you are buying gear for the first time or looking for a new supplier, you should always know which benefits the seller provides. We have put together a small list of how our products benefit you:

  • All our fabrics are purpose-picked based on three main factors, namely durability, weight, and sound. You might usually merely go for durability and weight, but the choice of fabric can make a massive difference in how audible you are when hunting. Every hunter knows that silence is a key part of the process, which is why our fabrics also account for sound.
  • We source the most advanced materials from around the world to ensure you get the quality you need. Nature’s camouflage experts inspire all our products’ camouflage which we make in-house to give it a less synthetic feeling when you are out in the wild. Whether you’re rifle hunting, bow hunting, or shooting game through the lens of your camera, our fabrics will ensure you remain hidden.
  • We rigorously test every component and feature of our clothing to ensure you get everything you need and nothing you do not want. Our range of clothes provides comfort with excellent fits that enhance your performance when you require it. 

Additional Products We Provide When You Need Bow Hunting Shirts

Many working parts add to the perfect hunting experience. A portion of that is ensuring your entire outfit works together. Here are some additional products we sell to help you round off your hunting outfit:

  • We sell jackets and tops for colder and warmer climates to ensure you are always geared-up properly. If you are going out into windy or wet environments, our ultimate hooded down jacket provides you with the warmth you need to keep steady hands. For warmer climates, our scorcher top offers protection from the sun coupled with maximum breathability to ensure cool air still reaches the skin.
  • When you need pants, we can offer the Mountain REA Pant and the Peak Season Pant. We make these pants for maximum comfort, to keep you dry and ensuring minimal noise.
  • We also sell face veils, beanies, and caps to ensure your head and face has the cover it needs to round off your camouflage.

Why Trust Us When You Need the Best Bow Hunting Clothing

Our bow hunting clothing system works. Based on the trifecta of important hunting clothing traits, namely durability, weight, and sound, our products ensure that every hunt is the perfect hunt. When you need clothes that are compatible with every weather condition while maintaining its performance, you need Braken Wear.

Whether you are a new or veteran hunter, we provide you with the clothing you need. Call us today and ensure that your next target never sees or hears you coming.