Camo Hunting Clothing in Australia

Nature Instigated our Custom Designed Camouflage Hunting Clothing

Braken Wear manufactures camouflage hunting clothing that enhances your effectiveness. Our materials are light, hard-wearing and chosen for minimal noise so you can track productively.

Consider This When Buying Camouflage Hunting Clothes

We proudly run a high-end online company that provides top-quality products in a market that is not generally known for its superior merchandise, filling a gap in the Australian game hunting landscape. 

  • We test every element of each separate piece of clothing meticulously to ensure that you get the functionality, comfort and fit you demand.
  • We started doing extensive research regarding the correct fabric choices, required improvements and design aspects for women’s and men’s camo clothing in 2012, and we now manufacture our garments using the most advanced textiles we can source.
  • The distinctive pattern on our hunting apparel centres around the optically disordered motifs on the tiger. The colours chosen are all to be found in natural wilderness landscapes worldwide. A neutral background is intersected by narrow dark stripes overlaid with lighter hues, which offers effectual camouflage hunting clothes because of the visual disruption of boundaries in the pattern.

We have diverse bundle deals available. You can choose between the 4 Seasons-, Summer-, Peak Season-, and Starter Kit (entry-level) packages. 

What Sets Braken Wear Apart Regarding Lightweight Camo Clothing?

Our 4 Season Bundle provides a full set-up that contains all the hunting gear you need. We also stock branded t-shirts, face veils, caps, and gift cards.

  • The package includes a face veil, cap, Mountain REA pants, a hunting shirt, the Peak Season pants, the Peak Season Jacket, and the Ultimate Hooded Down Jacket (Down Jacket).
  • Our insulated Down Jacket will keep you warm and comfortable in wet, chilly and windy conditions. The outside is treated with a durable water repellent to reduce the wind factor and keep moisture at bay. Adjust the cuffs and elliptical hem with the shock cord and utilise the two zippered pockets – lined with brushed tricot − to protect you against the wind. 
  • The Down Jacket incorporates fleece-lined pockets within the down fill for frigid weather, in addition to compartments for your hat, gloves and accessories. Added pockets store or secure loose items and valuables. You can stow the garment away in the supplied pillow pocket for easy storage and travel.

We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your acquisition, simply return it. We also provide a two-year manufacturer’s warranty to either repair or replace a faulty item. 

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Braken Wear

Independent field testing done by Arrowhead Magazine in December 2017 concluded that our product range is “comfortable, practical and great for the active hunter”. The reviewer highlighted the ingenious design characteristics that create a long-lasting, sensible, versatile and tough clothing line. 

Our response time is quick, and we will answer your query or ship your order within 48 hours. Contact us to place your order.