Best Hunting Clothing Australia

Wear the Best Hunting Clothing in Australia On Your Quest for Success

It took our team at Braken Wear four years of committed research before we were ready to launch our range of the best hunting clothing in Australia. We explored the many possibilities which new technology brought to fabric development. Our team left no stone unturned to explore styling options. Then we set out to find means to deliver on excellence at affordable pricing. 

Tips Regarding Outdoor Hunting Clothing

Hunting is as old a practice as humankind itself. From way back then, several things have changed. We stay at the edge of these advancements to make sure we deliver only the best hunting clothing available. Thus, we love to give you a bit of advice for when you buy hunting clothing online. 

  • Find the perfect camo to help you blend into the environment where you prefer to hunt. Camo comes in all colours and patterns. Finding the right camo pattern for your environment is just as crucial as any other element of your gear. We offer you a unique camo pattern to keep you invisible for longer in most of the local hunting territories in Australia. Our design is the result of many hours spent with local camouflage whizzes. 
  • Silence is critical when you spot your target. It is even more so the case with archery hunting clothing. So, we opted to use fabric that creates minimal noise. The need for absolute silence is why we rely on our partnership with SILENTSLIDE zippers. 
  • Your hunting gear needs to keep you dry, both from outside moisture as well as perspiration on the inside. When fabric becomes moist, it increases the possibility of chafing. We rely on material with microscopic holes to allow plenty of air to flow. The airflow ensures a quicker drying time when you perspire. The fabric is also 100% polyester, delivering not only lightweight hunting clothes but also garments which repels water and dries quickly. 

What You Can Expect from Braken Wear Regarding Men’s Hunting Clothes

Our online store is the go-to destination for both professional hunters, the hobbyist hunter and the nature photographer. Whether you shoot to kill or shoot to capture nature’s secret moments for eternity, we have the solution for you. We help to keep you comfortable and camouflaged in the bush. 

  • When you visit general hunting clothing stores, you might find that the pricing is slightly higher due to the massive overheads a physical store necessitates. It is one of the main reasons why we sell hunting clothing online. It keeps our overheads lower, and we can pass these savings on to you. You’ll be able to buy the best hunting clothing on the market at much more affordable prices. 
  • When you are new to the world of hunting and finding the gear you need, it might be quite a costly exercise. Our online shop has answers to all the needs you might have to get the proper kit for your adventures. We can even bring you a solution to finance your purchase. We invite you to speak to us regarding our Afterpay option to arrange your financing. It will help you to buy our proper, quality wear. We will even add free delivery to your order when its value is above AUS$500.
  • It took us four years to find the perfect design and to get the finer detail in place. We wanted to ensure that our garments outlast those that were already available. After we invested so much time and effort into perfecting our product, we want you to reap the benefits. That is why you’ll find our clear and precise size chart so beneficial. Follow the instructions on our size guide, and you can be sure of a perfect fit when your special parcel arrives. Besides, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, we’ll gladly accept your return. We’ll refund you fully with no questions or excuses. 

About Braken Wear

We have a deep-rooted commitment to delivering only the best quality, designs and pricing to all our clients. We want to do it at affordable pricing, and thus we don’t only offer financing solutions, but also regular discounts. Do you need an entirely new kit? A change of season might inspire you to spend a bit of your budget on seasonally focused gear. We offer regular discounts to enable you to buy an entirely new kit at a much-reduced price. Our summer hunting clothes is the ideal option for the warmer days when you need to stay cooler for longer. You can buy a complete summer bundle at nearly half the usual price.

Our garments are our pride, and why we have the confidence to give a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our items. In the unlikely event of your garment failing the test of excellence, we’ll gladly repair or replace your item. Our commitment to service is the reason why we act swiftly when it comes to orders or queries. When you contact us with your orders or enquiries, we promise to have your order shipped or your questions answered within 48 hours. 

Contact us and share your hunting stories. Learn more tricks of the trade and pick up some tips from the masters in the hunting field.