Hunting Shirts Australia

Our Hunting Shirts in Australia Are Perfect to Remain Invisible

Our Braken Wear hunting shirts in Australia helps you to stand out when invisibility is key to your success. Every hunter will tell you the importance of good camo to outwit your prey. It is why our camo hunting shirts are so popular across all Australia. 

Benefits of A Hunting Camo Long Sleeve Shirt 

Some shoot with a gun and others with a bow and arrow. Others prefer the hunt through the lens of a camera. Regardless of your choice, the goal is always to get up close and personal to your target. It is why you need quality wear to take you to the edge of the action. You’ll find our range of hunting shirts online.

  • Our range of camo hunting shirts covers both young and old on their quest. Our kids’ range of camo wear is highly sought after by those parenting the next generations of hunters. You don’t have to hunt down the appropriate wear for the younger ones in your party. We see that as wasted time which you could rather spend out and about in the wild. We have generations of wildlife enthusiasts covered at our online store. 
  • Our camo pattern is our unique design for our unique local conditions. It is only one of the many reasons why we are so proud of our camo wear. Another is the excellent quality fabric and craftsmanship that goes into each garment. Our garments outlast the rest by far. 
  • We create our hunting shirts to have flatlock seams to avoid any chafing while spending hours tracking wild. Our manufacturer uses quality abrasion-resistant fabric which is both moisture-repellent and dries quickly. The temperatures in the wild can be a challenge. We only use breathable, thermo-regulating material to keep you cool during the heat of the day and perfect to retain heat when it’s cold outside. 

Problems Duck Hunting Shirts Addresses

When you are out hunting waterfowl, there are certain aspects of your gear that can make your experience way more fun. You don’t want to be uncomfortable or experience any form of restraint. Most important of all, you don’t want to be wet at any time. 

  • We use super-fast drying lightweight material for our long sleeve hunting shirts. When you are hunting ducks, you have to be in their territory, which is ultimately linked to moisture. It is vital to wear moisture-repellent protection. You also want to know when water does penetrate; your gear will dry quickly. 
  • An additional benefit to these hunting shirts is the microscopic holes in our garments. Thanks to these holes, air can travel freely throughout the garment. The airflow helps to speed up the drying process, and it keeps you dry from perspiration on the inside too. 
  • Durability is key. We’ve noticed a need for durable quality items in the local hunting clothing market. In response, we set out on our quest to source only the best fabric to fulfil this need. We believe premium items are the result when quality fabric and creative genius meet. We are proud to have the results of our quest in our online store and on your hunting expeditions. 

Hunting is about so much more than catching up with your target–It is a lifestyle, an expedition into the unknown. The goal is to have fun and to achieve the extraordinary. 

The History of Braken Wear

In 2012 we started to invest ourselves in research and development to make quality hunting gear. The process was about creating comfortable wear to support you on your hunt. The perfect fabric we were looking for had to be tough, durable and flexible. Above all, it had to be affordable. It was only four years later that we were content with our solution. In 2016 our online store opened, and since then we’ve have had the pleasure to supply an ever-growing demand. Our passion and search for excellence is the platform of our business and the key to our success. 

Make us a partner on your next hunting adventure. Contact us, and let’s take care of all your hunting gear needs.